TOTALLY HILARIOUS! No one is spared from Quinn's dexterous mixture of mockery and admiration.” – Theatermania

"A laugh maker extraordinaire and COMIC GENIUS! Colin is the Quinn-tessential New Yorker." – Huffington Post

“A story told with earthy charm and, naturally, with a little bit of attitude. An irreverent trip through the city's history.” – USA today

"A fast-moving comic monologue full of cantakerous street wisdom!" – Deadline Hollywood

"This dynamic show comes alive with Quinn’s inspired behavioral studies." – Variety  

KILLER ONE-LINERS! Colin Quinn delivers comedic riffs.” – The Hollywood Reporter

"Colin Quinn crackles in a sage and snappy outing!” – NBC New York  

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday @ 7:30 pm
Saturday @ 5:00 pm & 7:30 pm
Sunday @ 2:00 pm & 5:00 pm

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In Colin Quinn The New York Story, Colin bemoans the rise and fall of his hometown, the city formally known as NY, from its modest beginnings as Dutch outpost to the hipsters of modern Williamsburg to the vermin below and above ground. Quinn is once again at his satirical best, taking aim at the prejudices, paranoias and peculiarities that make New York City the crossroads of the world. 

I’m doing this show because I’ve already covered the world with ‘Long Story Short,’ the country with ‘Unconstitutional’ and now the city. I’m working my way down to the most fascinating subject: me!
— Colin